Our transactions are executed from European territory. Therefore, all payments via International Credit and/or Debit Cards are processed directly in Euros (€) by the payment gateway.

This means that your bank account will be debited directly in Euros (€) even if your bank account linked to the credit and/or debit card is pegged to USD($) or another local currency.

Example: Your bank account uses USD($) as its main currency.

The amount that will be debited from your account may be reflected in Euro(€) or USD($) on your statement.

The amount you will see reflected will be based on the current Euro (€) / USD ($) exchange/conversion rate* (buying rate, conversion rate, market opening rate, currency trading rate, among others) that your bank executes at the time of processing the payment and will not necessarily be the same as the payment gateway.

The exchange rate is free, so the official exchange rates are only indicative.

Most banks charge commissions according to how much you spend on the purchase in another currency. The percentage fluctuates and depends on what is the franchise of your international credit or debit card and which bank. 

If any additional fees appear on your statement at the time you charge for any of your services with us, that charge is your bank's responsibility, not ours. Backlayer only charges the amount that appears on the issued invoice.

*Conversion rates are always fluctuating, currency conversion occurs at the time of the transaction, such as when a payment is captured, a refund is issued or a chargeback is made. The conversion rate used is always the rate in effect at the time of the transaction.


As an alternative solution for our customers (USD$) to avoid being affected by the commission(s) that your bank may add to the currency conversion when processing your credit card through our payment gateway, you can select/change your payment method to PayPalThrough PayPal your international credit and/or debit card charges will be processed in USD$.


To see the prices in your currency and see an approximate of how much it will cost you in exchange you can use this magnificent Web, constantly updated with the conversion value of the currencies: https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/

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